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Live in my van

Hi, I live in my van…sharing the backseat with my 4-wheel rollator for sleeping and often a change of clothing. I MUST work but it does not pay enough to get a little apt of my own. I am scared to death of renting a room somewhere. I MUST have the high Toilet and walk-in shower as cannot lift my legs high enough to get into a tub to use a shower in a tub/shower combination. I am in the Orlando, FL area…it is getting harder and harder to find a place to park the van at night to sleep. I work not far from Universal.

I have reached out to countless government and non-profits for assistance but have been told I do NOT qualify and even if I did…there are NO ADA units available.

Any suggestions/ideas/etc are greatly appreciated.


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Hollywood bowl
Hello, can anyone tell me about the hollywood bowl restroom accessibility? I use a large mobility scooter and want to know if it will fit in the restrooms or do I need the family restroom?
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Traveling alone?

I want to go to the Philippines, but I know that Cant go that far alone. ( because I need help eating and bathroom breaks..I have a Speech Impediment, so ,i cant just voice my issues. So,I am wondering if I have to buy them a ticket, or do th.ey fly free? Any help would be appreciated

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