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The San Antonio Wine-Tasting Experience
By: Aileen Walsh | November 21st 2018, 3:45 pm
Aileen Walsh

I’m an adventure seeker who has been traveling the world since childhood. Love to meet new people and experience the similarities and differences in cultures. Have learned to work with my physical limitations and would like to share that travel knowledge attained with others, to hopefully enhance your travel experience.

Editor’s Note: The “San Antonio Winery” is a California-based winery with multiple locations in California.  They have no locations in San Antonio, Texas.

Accessible Parking & Entrance

On Sunday, November 4, 2018, I was able to attend a wine tasting at San Antonio Winery, located in Ontario, California. They have two other wineries located in Paso Robles, California, and Los Angeles, California.


The parking lot is spacious, with an easy to maneuver sidewalk leading to a wide, accessible entrance.

When entering, it can be a bit overwhelming, as there seem to be a million wine bottles everywhere!

Wheelchair Friendly Layout

As I started my quest to the tasting area, I realized that the layout of the bottles was intelligently placed, so that there was a lot of room to get around without any chance of an accident. The bottles are either on shelves or in sturdy baskets.

I arrived at a very, very long counter, with another million wine bottles (I really didn’t count them, it was my perception).

Immediately, a wine expert (in my opinion), greeted me and showed me the wine tasting menu. I chose the $5.00 plus tax, tasting of 4 wines. There is also a $15.00 plus tax tasting of 4 wines, with more wine choices from the menu.


I noticed a blue sign behind the counter that says “Just ask for assistance” with the International Symbol of Access wheelchair.

Inclusive by Design

After the wine tasting, there was an area for yet more samples being given out for free. It was there that I found the right wine to purchase!


The woman, Zina, that was giving out the samples, immediately assisted me to get the bottles without me even asking for assistance. When I thanked her for her helpfulness, she told me that the owner hires many teachers of special needs children, caregivers, basically people with experience in compassionate customer service. Impressive!

Accessible Restrooms

There were two accessible all gender, very spacious, single-person bathrooms were clean and functional.

Unfortunately, there was no one from the Riboli Family, who owns and operates the winery, there that day for an interview.

My San Antonio Winery Rating
Accessibility Rating: A+
Bathroom Break: A+
Staff Friendliness & Helpfulness: A+
Overall Rating: A Win! Recommend! Enjoy!

This venue review was submitted by accessibleGO member Aileen Walsh.  She is an avid traveler and winner of our October 2018 hotel accessibility reviews contest. 

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